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Metalworkers and software creation

The new GEZE Cockpit building automation system demonstrates how our products can be intelligently networked and controlled. The development of the new digital business division means new markets as well as new jobs in software and product development. The all- digital campaign for launching GEZE Cockpit was also successful: It won the German Brand Award.

We’re exploiting the digital transformation for new business sectors and solutions.

We are meeting the expectations of our customers and the challenges of the modern digital world. This means that on the one hand, we continue to develop our tried and tested products for door, window, and safety technology. On the other hand, we are following new avenues to make buildings even smarter: The innovative building automation system GEZE Cockpit is proof of that. For the first time ever, automated doors and windows can be integrated into a building system. Networking of door and window technology with smart software and open interfaces means that building automation can follow completely new avenues.

More about GEZE Cockpit

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Keyvisual GEZE Cockpit

The basis for the development of the GEZE Cockpit is our newly created digital infrastructure to facilitate smart software solutions. The requirements of our customers - architects and planners, investors, builders, building operators, installation engineers, and system integrators - are then collated in the system. Some pilot customers have also actively participated in the development process. This agile, interactive procedure was important in terms of avoiding errors as well as considerably reducing product development period until the GEZE Cockpit became ready for the market.

Digitalisation creates new fields of work

The digital revolution is fully under way at GEZE. Whilst our core business focuses on metal engineering, we are increasingly equipping our solutions in door, window, and safety technology with a high degree of automation as well as technical and digital intelligence, creating many new jobs in sectors such as in software development. This core culture of innovation is reflected, for example, in our new technology centre. Employees can actively shape our digital transformation and find ideal conditions for their activities here.

Market launch with a new design and digital strategy

GEZE received the German Brand Award for the market launch of the GEZE Cockpit.

The future-oriented direction that we are taking with the GEZE Cockpit building automation system is also matched by the market launch. It was our first campaign with a digital-first strategy. This means that we use the full spectrum of digital communication for the first time. A new design with a vivid key visual was developed, and was a feature of the entire campaign.

The GEZE Cockpit micro site plays a central part. Customers, partners, and influencers can easily and clearly find useful information here that is tailored to their needs in an illustration of the system, its uses, and its benefits. In addition, there are layout examples and case studies. The service package included demonstrates how comprehensively customers are supported in implementing GEZE Cockpit system solutions.

And the winner is… GEZE Cockpit

The unusual market launch helped take the title of ‘Winner 2018’ in the ‘Building & Elements’ category of the German Brand Award ‘Industry Excellence in Branding’ competition. The German Design Council grants the German Brand Award to highlight unique brands and brand creators.

GEZE Cockpit Days for our employees

Since the end of 2017, we have been touring with our Cockpit Days to make all sales and service staff aware of GEZE Cockpit in a compact and efficient manner. In addition to the web-based training courses, the GEZE Cockpit Days ensure staff are familiar with the functionality of GEZE Cockpit and the accompanying communication. Following Germany, Benelux, and Austria, the Cockpit Days have also travelled to our more distant international markets. In focus: China and the Middle East.