Excellent conditions in production

Ideal working conditions, maximum environmental protection, lower costs: GEZE won the Industry Award 2018 for sustainable production processes without cooling lubricants.

We live by sustainability and innovation

When producing housings for overhead door closers, we do not use any cooling lubricants worldwide. How does that work? Our new automated production process follows a principle of applying minimal lubrication. In addition, there was also recognition from an independent specialist jury: the 2018 INDUSTRIAL AWARD. Yet again, GEZE is amongst the best with regard to production technology and engineering.

Minimal lubrication technology: An asset for employees and the environment

The minimal lubrication technology applies the smallest possible quantity of lubricant during metal processing in the area between the tool blade and the work piece. A mixture of oil and air (aerosol) is lightly sprayed here, where it almost completely evaporates. This reduces the friction heat so much that no cooling lubricant is required. Compared with wet processing, where cooling lubricants often flooded the tools, this technology represents a clear improvement.

To be more precise: It’s better for the environment as well as for staff. This is because it requires less water and does not produce environmentally hazardous waste emulsions. A dry machine environment also reduces the risk of accidents at work as well as respiratory or skin diseases due to the cooling lubricants.

Sustainable, ecological, and responsible action are not just empty phrases here at GEZE: they are a genuine concern which we address with our production as well as with our products. For example, we avoid using paper and use green electricity during production. We can claim that our products are suitable for green building and that they improve the energy efficiency of buildings: This applies to optimisation within production as well as avoiding the use of paper d using green electricity.

We are constantly working on how we can make our products and production facilities more ecologically friendly. After all, we need to work responsibly with our natural resources.

Marc Alber, Managing Director of Technology

Sustainable innovation with cost benefits

Last but not least, the new process is also delivering good financial figures: The costs of procurement, transport, storage, maintenance, recycling, and disposal of cooling lubricants have fallen dramatically. Dry shavings are easy to recycle as they’re not sullied by cooling lubricant. The new process also requires less production space, shortens the duration of the process, and extends the life span of tools - innovation has its own rewards!

We use a process of applying minimal lubrication for our new automated production process. As a result, we won the 2018 Industry Award.

2018 BEST OF Industry Award winner


This prestigious prize has been awarded in 14 different categories since 2006 - from drive and fluid technology, research and development to micro-systems technology and suppliers. The INDUSTRY AWARD is granted every year at the Hannover Messe.

Particular attention is given to the progressiveness of the products and solutions, as well as their ecological, societal, economic, and technological benefits. In 2018, more than 1,000 companies vied for the ‘Integrated Industry’ award which is organised by Initiative Mittelstand and Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH.

GEZE also won the INDUSTRY AWARD in 2017 in the ‘Production Technology and Engineering’ category: This was for the GEZE combination automatic valve, which optimises assembly as well as testing and measurement technology in production at the Leonberg site, and also reduces the resources used.