GEZE is evolving and this extends to its external appearance. Following the update to our corporate design, the buildings at our Leonberg site now proudly feature the new GEZE logo.

New logo at Leonberg site

A rather eye-catching change was made to our buildings in Leonberg this autumn, as the new GEZE logo was installed. This is another step in the implementation of our brand experience. The new corporate design represents progress at GEZE and communicates our values to external audiences.

GEZE continues to evolve

Our products mean we always have our finger on the pulse, improving tried-and-tested solutions while also embracing new and innovative ideas. One example of this is the integration of building automation to create smart and networked buildings. We’ve understood the need to embrace change, as it enables us to remain at the forefront of market developments and meet changing customer requirements. However, it is not only in technical areas that we demonstrate our innovative capacity. GEZE also continues to evolve as a company, adapting to new opportunities and new market and customer requirements.

GEZE corporate design embodies progress at the company

Two years ago, we revised our corporate design guidelines to convey GEZE’s transformation to external audiences. Since then, we have gradually introduced our new brand presence across all communication media and the company fleet. One of the last places where the new logo was missing, and needed to be added to ensure a uniform brand presence, was our buildings. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to fill this gap. Once planning permission had been granted, we started on the project to update the logos at our Leonberg site. The new logo was applied first to the distribution centre, then to the manufacturing buildings on Reinhold-Vöster-Strasse and, finally, to the administration building. Installing the new logo, which features white lettering on a GEZE blue background, is another step towards creating a uniform, future-oriented brand experience.

The GEZE logo rises high.

A mobile crane working on the roof of the distribution building.

Challenging conditions when applying the new logo

The work to install the new logo on the roof of the administration building involved several challenges. We had to wait an extremely long time for planning permission to be granted in the first place, before cold temperatures and stormy weather hindered the paintwork on the roof. However, the tradesmen gave their all and overcame the inhospitable conditions. The end result is certainly worth the effort, as the new logo helps the site to shine in new splendour.