Innovation management at GEZE is reflected in patent registrations

Innovation is an abstract term. One way to measure power of innovation is the number of patent and trademark registrations by a company. And this is where GEZE has been able to improve considerably over the last decade. A ranking of German patent registrations shows that we have climbed 169th position in the 2007 financial year to 86th two years ago. And if we look at the state of Baden-Württemberg alone, we have moved up to 21st position. This proves the inventive spirit of our developers and our creative atmosphere.

A GEZE patent – much more than a number

DE102017203688B4 – do you know what is behind this series of numbers? This is the latest patent registration for our RSZ 7 smoke switch control unit. In 2019, GEZE had 1,226 active patents – 335 in Germany and 891 abroad, as well as a total of 4,167 recorded or registered trademarks. These numbers speak for themselves, but they are no accident. “Working on things and development has a long tradition at GEZE. However, I have a feeling that with our new development centre and the numerous tools for agile cooperation, we will experience a new inventive spirit, which will also be reflected in the number of patents and trademarks,” says Monika Mix, head of patents and trademarks, commenting on innovation management at GEZE.

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We have roughly 50 new patent registrations every year. This is a high number that is very pleasing for me – after all it highlights our inventive spirit!

Monika Mix, head of patents and trademarks at GEZE

Power of innovation needs method

The path from creative idea to patent is cleverly regulated at GEZE because the patents department is integrated at the very start of the development. “Normally, the process is that the developer or product manager sends us an “invention notification” using a digital form. We then use our own research database to check whether there is already a patent for it.” explains Monika Mix. “Then we evaluate whether a patent application has good prospects – and send the patent application to the German Patent Office.” GEZE submits approximately 50 new patent applications every year.

Agile spaces for non-stop ideas

To actually convert ideas into patents and ultimately into products, we greatly value smart building technology and agile spaces. Creative, focused and ergonomic work is carried out at our development centre in Leonberg, fostering our power of innovation. Consequently, to a certain extent the developers can set up their workspaces however they want. Individually furnished design-thinking studios and agile project spaces are available for brainstorming sessions or quick discussions with colleagues.

We developers have the best conditions here so that we can work in a focused and at the same time creative way. Quite simply, it is fun.

Product developer at GEZE

GEZE offers its employees the best general conditions to enable them to work as innovatively as possible. We know that you cannot rest on proven technologies, rather you always have to keep up with the times. Because we want to set trends in the market and work with our partners to design liveable buildings. For example, with our building automation products, we are leading the way in the digitalisation in buildings. This will secure our long-term success and enable us to retain best employees – and continue on our successful path together with them.

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