Apprenticeship kickoff barbecue at GEZE

To mark the beginning of each year’s new apprenticeships, all of our apprentices, students, trainees and instructors get together to celebrate the occasion with a barbecue. In 2019, this has once again proven to be an event that creates positive team spirit and a great atmosphere!

A successful start to the apprenticeship year at GEZE

About 70 apprentices, students and trainees, along with their instructors, came together to celebrate the beginning of a new apprenticeship term at GEZE with a  barbecue. Especially for the newcomers, this evening is an opportunity to get to know their new colleagues a little better and learn more about apprenticeships and dual study programmes at GEZE  from their predecessors in an informal environment. The group picture with all of the apprentices, students, trainees and instructors broke the ice, so that initial contacts could be made and questions answered as they sat down to share the meal.

Team spirit for the team event

GEZE takes teamwork seriously. This jointly organised team event is an example of teamwork in action: instructors take care of the drinks and grilled food, while the apprentices provide complementary side dishes and sweets for the dessert table.

From colleagues to team mates

For the new hires, feeling welcome and getting to know their colleagues is key to starting their apprenticeships off on the right foot. The GEZE barbecue forms the perfect setting: barbecuing, eating, talking and laughing together creates connections quickly. A football match or a gathering around the fire provides the perfect atmosphere to chat about apprenticeships at GEZE and one’s own interests – and to plan the next activity together.

We’d therefore like to thank all the apprentices, students, trainees and instructors for their fantastic organisation and the successful evening. We’re already looking forward to getting together at the next employee event!

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